About Agile Frameworks

Founded in 2011, Agile Frameworks is a company created through the combination of a 20-year-old IT consulting firm focused on serving AEC firms with a group of subject matter experts from a large, respected regional AEC company.

We are the leading provider of integrated field and lab information management systems (LIMS) for companies providing services in geo-technical, materials lab, construction, inspection, environmental, building sciences, non-destructive engineering and more. Agile’s Metafield® subscription-based Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) platform is used by laboratory technicians, project managers, principal engineers and administrators to schedule, dispatch, test, collect and assemble results to accurately deliver information to clients in real time.

Only Agile Frameworks offers capital project owners, construction, and engineering consulting firms a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. That’s because we’ve come from the industry and know how it works. With over 14,000+ subscribers across the U.S., we’re the market leader in construction materials testing and inspection software.

Our Mission

Our focus is to dramatically improve the performance of your construction engineering business by automating best practices in process and technology. Our clients consistently experience superior results:

  • Project write-offs lowered from 5% to less than 1% of revenue
  • Reduced soil/concrete testing to reporting time from 1-3 weeks to just hours
  • Realized ROI in four months or less
  • Profitable Engineering™

We have a proven track record in strategy, process, applications and infrastructure along with specialized expertise, software, and intellectual property.

Our Motivation

Industry after industry has been transformed by technology. Yet the capital projects industry generally, and multidisciplinary consulting engineering specifically, still struggle with inefficient manual and paper-based processes. Even where processes have been automated, too often the optimization is within specialized functional silos. As recent research from Fiatech explains:

“The problem is that our increased specialization in design, construction and operations and maintenance has reinforced silos to the point that silos have grown to become more like self-contained worlds.

New systems and technologies often are used to enhance performance in each of the worlds, but unfortunately, not the overall project.

Working encapsulated within a world among worlds erodes vision, purpose and project-oriented passion. It insulates stakeholders from each other and presents a major barrier to realizing productivity improvement.”

Agile Frameworks is the leading provider of construction materials testing software that integrates business processes across the field, lab, fab, job site, and back office for consulting engineering firms — from work order creation, scheduling and dispatch, through to test and inspection activities and invoicing.

High-Reliability Cloud Infrastructure

MetaField, AgilePort, and other Agile Frameworks products are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps designed for today’s hybrid computing environments. We leverage a sophisticated dual data center infrastructure to provide high availability with low latency. Our specialty is tying local and cloud-based services together into the perfect hybrid environment for AEC companies.

Agile Frameworks data center infrastructure includes:

  • High-availability via a geographically distributed dual data center configuration.
  • SAS70 Type II certification. This assures that control objectives and activities deployed by Agile Frameworks protect the integrity of customer data.
  • Use of the latest industry standards to ensure that customer data is 100% replicated, available 24/7 and completely secure. We use the highest levels of data encryption and independent, third-party SSL certificates that make it virtually impossible to infiltrate the Agile Frameworks environment.

AgileFrame™ Cloud Services

Our hosting service is standard with a SaaS contract. To use MetaField®, AgilePort®, and AgileStamp®, there’s no required hardware/software infrastructure to download, install, and maintain on a server or end-user device. Other than end-user devices and data plans, no additional costs are required for third-party licensing, servers, hardware, operating system, etc.

AgileFrame® hosting is designed as a high-availability platform (99.99% uptime) featuring comprehensive multiple-site backup and recoverability. Our goal is that our clients experience no more than one hour of unscheduled downtime in a given year.

Our Customers