Operational Disciplines


Your Services, Our Solutions

Our software works the way your business operates. That’s because it’s designed by professionals who grew up in the construction engineering industry.

We know how valuable it is for you to be able to integrate multidisciplinary operations and client services with your business administration in order to get answers fast about projects. That’s why our approach is specifically for those who want to view and manage their entire portfolio of service offerings, clients, and projects — all within one platform.

No more paperwork or re-keying data. Enter results once on any mobile device.

Construction Engineering & Inspection

Automate inspection processes from dispatch through discrepancy reporting.

Non-Destructive Testing

In the field or lab, deliver services with greater speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Environmental Consulting

Perform Phase I and Phase II ESAs fully compliant with ASTM and local standards.

Project QA/QC

Automate QA/QC processes to ensure subcontractors and materials meet specs.

Building Sciences

Evaluate performance of structures with greater speed, accuracy, and consistency.

We can help to streamline your operations by automating multidisciplinary construction processes:


  • Field Inspection / Quality Assurance
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geothermal Consulting
  • Geospatial Operations
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Special Inspections
  • Structural Evaluation

Our solution delivers your services and reports with greater speed, accuracy, and consistency. It ensures that consistency and quality are permeated through a prescribed set of processes. Finally, the entire scope of work gets done — the first time — with opportunities for errors and missing data virtually eliminated.

Simplify training: All of your staff, regardless of discipline, can be trained to use the same software.

Configure it your way: Our engineering consulting software is flexible; each discipline within your organization can configure it for their specific tests and types of testing and inspection performed. It reflects your unique processes, enabling you to collect the data you want in the manner you want to collect it.

Ensure consistency: Standardize your processes across offices and locations. Collect and report data in a consistent manner, simplifying communication and quality assurance.

Maintain compliance: Our data collection screens are designed to meet ASTM and AASHTO standards for data recording. We’ve built in support for those protocols, and the software is continually updated as standards evolve.

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