Construction Engineering & Inspection

Agile Frameworks software provides construction management firms who have design/build capacity and internal quality assurance (QA) programs with end-to-end automation of their construction engineering and inspection processes. This includes dispatching through reporting and generating work orders to correct discrepancies.

Our software is fully configurable, so you can set up data collection forms and instructions along with scheduling and dispatch to send the appropriate technician to the field or fabrication shop. It’s easy to manage any type of field inspection, from special inspections like highway signage or paint coatings to materials testing, project progress, and compliance with project documentation.

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Always Send the Right Technician for the Job

Within our software, everything is connected. Even your people are connected to the certifications they’ve earned, including those associated with their corresponding tests and tasks as well as their activities aligned with forms.

All these elements are logically linked to the dispatch process for work order management. Before dispatching technicians, search all employees for specific certifications so you’re sure to assign the right individual to the work order.

Our software is fully configurable, enabling you to set up data collection, scheduling and dispatch. That means the best technician for the job shows up and it helps to ensure that all necessary tests and tasks are completed, consistently, correctly, and quickly by qualified personnel.

Fast, Accurate Reporting

No more lost paperwork, no expensive rework, no misinformation. Observations, field sampling, and test results are entered once, onsite, via tablet or smartphone and immediately available to the team.

Location Aware

Enter readings, record the calibration of field test equipment, take photos. MetaField uses GPS to enable location-based identification and mapping of any field activity. Everything is geo-coded.

Consistent, Complete Field Testing

Field technicians get a checklist of what needs to be done, including instructions for each task. Manage tests and inspections in the field, lab, fab or other locations with a single tool.

Improved Cash Flow

Provide deliverables faster — much faster — and invoice immediately upon delivery. Your clients are happier and you get paid more quickly.

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