Construction Materials Testing (CMT)

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Entering data one time, at the source, eliminates the need for inefficient paper-based processes and for re-keying of information. Save time and costs while increasing accuracy. Collect all of the information you need and get accurate results fast, so you can avoid rework and the associated costs.

Use our testing and inspection software as your competitive advantage. Differentiate your firm based on the speed, quality, and consistency of deliverables. Reduce the time to produce and deliver results from hours — or even weeks — to just minutes. Become the “consultant of choice” by providing the data your clients need faster and with greater accuracy, delivering better outcomes and improved profitability for project owners.

Using one construction materials testing software system to integrate your technical project operations and client services with business administration lets you implement consistent processes across office locations, standardize your deliverables, and train your people more efficiently. The result is happier employees and more importantly, more satisfied customers.

Market Leaders

We’re the market leader in construction materials testing software for in the United States.

Our SaaS-based construction materials testing apps let you collect and enter data in the field using your tablet or smartphone. Now you can schedule lab tests immediately, with the chain of custody maintained through the process. Moreover, your test results are available for immediate review.


Fast, Accurate Reporting: No more lost paperwork, no expensive rework, no misinformation. Observations, field sampling, and test results are entered once, onsite, via tablet or smartphone and immediately available to the team.

Location Aware: Enter readings, record the calibration of field test equipment, take photos. MetaField uses GPS to enable location-based identification and mapping of any field activity. Everything is geo-coded.

Consistent, Complete Field Testing: Field technicians get a checklist of what needs to be done, including instructions for each task. Manage tests and inspections in the field, lab, fab or other locations with a single tool.

Improved Cash Flow: Provide deliverables faster — much faster — and invoice immediately upon delivery. Your clients are happier and you get paid more quickly.

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