Project Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Whether you’re a construction administrator performing your own engineering and inspection activities, special inspections, and observations, or working with subcontractors who provide these services, project quality assurance (QA) is vital.

General contractors, subcontractors, and owners’ representatives rely on field inspections and observations to monitor project progress and quality. That’s precisely why we’ve automated the QA process.

Our construction QA software streamlines QA processes, procedures, and material specifications to ensure that the design meets quality standards. It also tracks quality control, or QC, including observations, tests, and inspections that are carried out to ensure suppliers, subcontractors, and materials meet those specifications.


Automate Quality Management for Speed, Accuracy, and Consistency

Manage QC workflow in real-time — from work order creation through sampling, data acquisition and entry, field or lab testing, reporting, and billing.

Data, photos, and observations collected in the field are automatically uploaded into a central data repository in real-time and immediately available to your entire team. This helps to avoid delays and errors in data collection that lead to costly re-work.

Make it easy for everyone to generate “dailies” or daily field logs detailing the tests and observations completed. Inspectors or technicians are quickly able to produce their daily reports for each site visited.

Ensure consistency, speed, and coordination across your QA/QC activities by:

  • Configuring forms and creating custom instructions and report templates that ensure all tests and inspections are performed to your standards;
  • Using text, voice, and photo input to document field or fab observations from any mobile device, in real time; and
  • Making results, data and observations available to everyone who needs them through a centralized, searchable data store.

At any time during or after the project, your daily reports will provide a complete, auditable trail of all observations, inspections, and test results.

Fast, Accurate Reporting

No more lost paperwork, no expensive rework, no misinformation. Observations, field sampling, and test results are entered once, onsite, via tablet or smartphone and immediately available to the team.

Location Aware

Enter readings, record the calibration of field test equipment, take photos. MetaField uses GPS to enable location-based identification and mapping of any field activity. Everything is geo-coded.

Consistent, Complete Field Testing

Field technicians get a checklist of what needs to be done, including instructions for each task. Manage tests and inspections in the field, lab, fab or other locations with a single tool.

Improved Cash Flow

Provide deliverables faster — much faster — and invoice immediately upon delivery. Your clients are happier and you get paid more quickly.

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