Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Whether in the field or in the lab, our software helps engineering consulting firms deliver non-destructive examination (NDE) and non-destructive testing (NDT) services with greater speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Collect and enter data at the job site on your tablet or smartphone with our mobile-friendly, voice-enabled apps. Compare results to specifications, create reports, and obtain electronic signatures from project managers and owners so you can close the loop immediately.

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Configurable, Mobile Software That Works The Way You Do

Our software automates the entire NDT process — from project initiation, scheduling and dispatch to providing instant access to test specifications, enabling voice/text/ photo input, creating reports, and collecting signatures for approval.

In the field at job sites, plants, refineries, mines, fabrication shops, or other facilities, our apps support a broad range of NDT services:

  • Weld Verification: Visual inspection, x-rays, ultrasound, liquid penetrant testing; porosity, density, fatigue and corrosion analysis
  • Field and Laboratory Services: Infrared/thermography testing, magnetic particle inspection, radiography, positive materials identification (PMI), mechanical testing, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), concrete floor radiography
  • Mechanical Integrity inspection and testing
  • NACE Coating Inspections for bridge/infrastructure, marine, structural, architectural, commercial, and residential projects
  • Special Inspections: Concrete reinforcement, masonry, structural steel, fireproofing, pre-stressed concrete
Fast, Accurate Reporting

No more lost paperwork, no expensive rework, no misinformation. Observations, field sampling, and test results are entered once, onsite, via tablet or smartphone and immediately available to the team.

Location Aware

Enter readings, record the calibration of field test equipment, take photos. MetaField uses GPS to enable location-based identification and mapping of any field activity. Everything is geo-coded.

Consistent, Complete Field Testing

Field technicians get a checklist of what needs to be done, including instructions for each task. Manage tests and inspections in the field, lab, fab or other locations with a single tool.

Improved Cash Flow

Provide deliverables faster — much faster — and invoice immediately upon delivery. Your clients are happier and you get paid more quickly.

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