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Our Software is Your Competitive Advantage

We help reduce costs and make your employees more productive. In addition, our software makes for happier customers because answers are available at your fingertips in minutes. That will enable you to better compete in a competitive market. It is developed to meet your unique needs:

Hosted Apps That Speed up Client Reporting, Improve Quality,
and Enable Standardization Across All of Your Offices

Integrate your business process, from work order and dispatch through field data collection, laboratory testing, quality control, reporting, and invoicing. Our software is cloud-based for fast implementation (typically 45-90 days), mobile-friendly to simplify field data collection, and designed to integrate easily with the business management software you already have in place.

Using one software suite to automate processes, from field data collection to sample management and client deliverables, simplifies training, ensures consistency across locations and lets you get accurate answers to your customers — fast.


MetaField®, a field information management system for scheduling and dispatch, field data collection, quality control and report delivery.
AgilePort®, a document management and distribution application that reduces paperwork and improves collaboration.
MetaField® LIMS™, a laboratory information management system for construction materials testing.
AgileStamp®, secure digital signature software to speed up business processes.

Developed to Meet Your Needs

Paper forms, spreadsheets, manual operations, and re-keying data no longer cut it. Manual processing of reports and the associated rework can cause delays of days or weeks in finalizing deliverables to clients. Our software streamlines workflow by the following:


Configurable: Specify the tests you need to perform based on the project plus state and local standards and regulations. Build “smart” forms that only collect necessary data as well and add or skip questions based on entries in previous fields. Create standard, reusable report templates. Whatever makes sense — our software is flexible and works the way you do.

Mobile: Collect data from any location on any device. Information can be geo-coded so that images and other input can be tied to specific locations.

Real-time: Providing you have Internet access, all data entered or recorded is immediately uploaded into a central repository for use by everyone who needs it. Reporting processes that used to take days — or even weeks!—are completed in minutes.

Online or offline: When your engineer or technician is in a location with poor or no connectivity, data collected via our “do it yourself” (DIY) forms is stored locally on the device. As soon as the device is able to reconnect, all stored data is uploaded immediately to the central repository.

Interoperable: Our field data capture software is designed to integrate with SQL-based ERP/project accounting systems including Deltek Vision/Ajera, BST, and Dynamics AX/SL to simplify project and business process management.


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