AgilePort® – AEC Document Management

With AgilePort®, your clients can receive field observations, test results, reports, and other deliverables almost as soon as they’re completed over their own searchable and filterable custom-branded portals.

AgilePort replaces expensive and inefficient paper-based document management processes and provides architectural engineering consulting and testing firms with an unbeatable competitive advantage. Information flows seamlessly from the MetaField® field information management system and project management, LIM, accounting, invoicing and reporting systems to clients in a straight-through fashion that:

  • Reduces paper and rework and improves accuracy;
  • Slashes document management costs;
  • Gives clients instant access to up-to-the-minute project data to help keep projects on track and on budget;
  • Provides your firm with a competitive advantage in winning new business while retaining and improving your relationship with existing clients; and
  • Dramatically compresses the time between service delivery and payment.

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With AgilePort, your clients can access information in their preferred fashion, from document repositories with full-text search capabilities to GIS- and map-based images with drill-down views into field logs, soil boring/test pit logs, analytical results, reports, photographs, and other project-related documents.

AgilePort is designed to be configured and customized for each installation.

Business Features and Functionality

  • Client self-service access to project documents over default or customized branded portals.
  • Secure access through individual user accounts and SSL encryption.
  • Full-text document search capability. For example, search for all soil borings that encountered specific debris such as ash.
  • Optional image-mapped document filtering— documents related to a specific segment can be viewed and filtered simply by clicking on an aerial view map.
  • Numerous document sorting and filtering options: creation date, document type, boring location, etc..
  • Optional email alert when new documents are added to the client’s document library.
  • Long-term retention and archiving of project documents even after projects are completed.
  • Document version tracking.
  • Collaboration for specific types of documents between MetaField and authorized users; for example, track edits during review of draft Drilling Investigation Reports, Response Action Plans, etc..
  • Power your green initiatives!

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