AgileStamp® – Secure Digital Signatures for AEC

AgileStamp® is a comprehensive, flexible, web-based software service and solution set designed to serve the needs of multidisciplinary engineering, environmental consulting, and testing firms with their digital-signature document-signing requirements.

The solution service, powered by the market leading DocuSign Signature Appliance and Microsoft’s .Net Framework enables PKI-based secured signing transactions using standard digital signatures. Secured-signing customers gain numerous benefits, including the ability to sign and verify signatures in a non-proprietary compliant manner, faster sales cycles, expedited business processes and reduced organizational costs.

AgileStamp® has been designed to seamlessly integrate with other Agile Frameworks software offerings, including MetaField® and AgilePort® along with leading industry accounting and line of business software packages. It is configured and customized for each installation.


Business Features and Functionality

Workflow integration: AgileStamp integrates with leading workflow and content management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint®, enabling automated formal approval processes from within your organization’s existing workflow.

Variety of signature stamping available: AgileStamp can be configured to support personal signatures as well as various certification stamps such as state PE seals.

Easy to integrate with existing infrastructure: AgileStamp is designed as a plug-in for DM/ECM/BPM systems or other existing infrastructure.

Scalability:  AgileStamp is scalable from a few signers to several thousand users and will work in your existing authentication environment.

Quick deployment: Depending on scale, AgileStamp can be deployed in a matter of days.

Minimal IT ongoing management: Once in place, AgileStamp typically requires minimal IT management and support.

Web-based forms: AgileStamp enables compliant digital signatures in an external-facing portal.

Batch signing: With high throughput, AgileStamp can sign hundreds of thousands of documents, making it an ideal solution for bulk signing needs such as high-volume field reporting.

Enhanced security: AgileStamp stores the signing keys (private keys) in a centralized and secure hardware device, ensuring that any tampering attempt with the secured appliance will be detectable.


ARX Cosign Cloud Service Replacement

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