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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software is continually evolving as market expectations advance and expand relative to features, functionality, and technical innovation. That’s why it’s important to make the right choice when investing in LIMS software — it must continue to adapt to your laboratory operations needs.

MetaField LIMS is the fastest growing software module in Agile Frameworks’ product line. It’s highly flexible and configurable, enabling your lab operations to embrace rapid change. Unlike specialized lab informatics systems or boutique PC tools designed to handle very specific test regimes, our software is comprehensive and scaled for the entire range of lab operation scenarios.

For a broad variety of materials and test regimes, our enterprise-class MetaField LIMS handles:

  • Reception and log-in of a sample and its associated client and project data
  • Assignment, scheduling, and tracking of the sample, its separate specimens if any, and the associated analytical workload
  • Processing and quality control associated with the sample and the utilized equipment and inventory
  • Storage of data associated with the sample analysis
  • Inspection, approval, and compilation of the sample data for reporting and/or further analysis

But we don’t stop there. MetaField LIMS offers features and functions that go beyond most other LIMS software:

Incorporating the latest capabilities in mobility technology, MetaField LIMS provides electronic sample chain-of-custody from the moment of collection to final disposition, tracking every sample along with associated client and project data and optional geo-coding. Chain-of-custody can be initiated on any device with a web browser such as a smart phone or tablet, even if the device has no connectivity.
Built from the ground up to enable cross-functional business process integration across departments or lines-of-business that rely on lab testing services as part of their client delivery operation.
Comprehensive software platform lets you integrate field, lab, project delivery, administrative, and accounting activities.
Direct integration with leading SQL-based ERP or project accounting systems ensures that the system-of-record for client, contact, and project data is incorporated automatically within the LIMS.
Robust capabilities for designing and configuring custom data entry forms and test reports means no programming, XML document linking, or OLAP is required. This is especially helpful for specialty testing operations where new test regimes can be a requirement to serve a variety of customers and dynamic markets. Construction materials testing (CMT) operations will benefit as standards evolve and when new projects require flexibility in testing methods and reporting.
No need to tie your operations to a PC or antiquated two-tier client server architecture. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) LIMS platform requires no third-party licensing for server, database, or end-user software, greatly reducing capital startup costs as well as ongoing maintenance, support and IT costs. The bottom line: Your total cost of ownership (TCO) is significantly less with MetaField LIMS.
MetaField LIMS smooths audits and helps you initiate and maintain accreditation, such as ISO/IEC 17025. Auditors look for consistent process management across scheduling, tracking, and maintaining chain of custody. With MetaField LIMS, this is a check box. Methods and processes for specific tests are correlated to comply with specific standards.
New features and functions are delivered rapidly — approximately every six months to help ensure the software is up to date with the latest technological or domain advances. Planned enhancements on our software development roadmap include:

  • Materials specifications management: manage materials, methods, and reporting based on detailed tracking of materials and their procedural and testing parameters
  • Optimized sample management and test assignment workflow
  • Enhanced report management and dissemination
  • Leveraging the “internet of things” (IoT) starting with direct electronic integration with lab equipment such as concrete compression machines
  • Integration with other popular testing products
If your business plan includes comprehensive laboratory services, MetaField LIMS is the best software for establishing your “lab of the future.”

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