MetaField® Safety

Having a comprehensive safety program in your organization is not only critical for the health and well-being of your employees, but can also impact your ability to get and keep work from your clients. To implement a safety culture – to make safety part of everything you do – an organization must have a shared vision but also must have shared tools to enable these practices. Safety has to be a priority, but it must also be as easy as possible for employee compliance.

Agile Frameworks’ MetaField has Safety built in. In each area of the application, whether used by field or office personnel, safety is visible and readily available. Using Scheduling and Dispatch, you can communicate the need to perform safety tasks or log safety data. Employees can easily log incident reports, fill out audits or record any other kind of safety information using the same tools they use to record all their other field tasks and observations.

This information is immediately available to project, group, and Safety Officer personnel via the Dashboard and Quality Control modules. It’s easy to report Safety information, or extract it for further analysis in spreadsheet tools via Utilities. Best of all, using our Do-It-Yourself forms and reports functionality, you define the information you want to collect and how you want to report it. You can even create Safety forms and reports specific to a given customer, project, or type of work assignment.

“Safety cultures consist of shared beliefs, practices, and attitudes that exist at an establishment. Culture is the atmosphere created by those beliefs, attitudes, etc., which shape our behavior.” OSHA

MetaField Safety is available to ALL EMPLOYEES of your firm – not just those who use MetaField’s field service management software for their field and project information needs. It’s easy to set up employees on the Safety module through our Administrative console. Using a single tool for your line of business and for safety rather than a separate safety application helps build safety into your culture. The more seamless the integration with your operational tools, the higher the compliance rates.

To learn more about MetaField Safety, contact or speak to your Agile Frameworks Solutions Consultant.

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