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Get All of Your Testing, Inspection and Lab Data from One Repository — Fast

View all engineering test and inspection results and reports from one centralized data store, consistently formatted. Set up our apps specifically for your consulting engineers and subcontractors so you collect accurate data, immediately, from every test and observation. This includes everything from environmental consulting through soil and construction materials testing to special inspections and discrepancy reporting.

With everyone from the contractors doing the work to the engineers inspecting it, utilizing the same software platform, you know the information is consistent, accurate, and immediately available. Most importantly, because our software is fully configurable, you get data the way you want to see it. No more results from different contractors in different formats spread across different systems.

Improve Project Coordination

Large-scale construction projects are uniquely complex. Architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers coordinate efforts to build one-of-a-kind structures. However, working in silos with different systems hinders visibility and reduces productivity.

Fiatech has estimated that if the potential of unified systems and best practices were fully realized, project costs could be reduced by up to a third and delivered 10% faster.

Having everyone involved — consulting engineers, subcontractors, QA/QC professionals — utilizing the same software lets you monitor performance on discrepancies across multiple contractors. No matter who’s doing the work, you get a single view of all discrepancies identified and the progress being made on fixing them.

A single, unified system also enables individuals to be more productive and teams to collaborate more effectively. The ability to work offline means field technicians and engineers can perform inspections and collect data anywhere — even in basements or other areas with no connectivity. As soon as their devices re-establish connections, the data is uploaded into a central repository.

Own the Data Like You Own the Project

All project data is captured and stored in a single, searchable repository. This includes initial site sampling to the commissioning engineering firm certifying that all systems, from the HVAC to the windows (watertight, airtight, and UV-protected), are approved and that the building is ready for use.

Archived information is available for any future repair, expansion, or other projects. There’s no need to pay again to have the same work performed or waste time trying to find the needed information “in a report somewhere.”

Over time, you can even consolidate information from multiple individual projects to evaluate subcontractor and supplier performance for specific types of projects under different conditions. All will help you replicate successful projects and avoid pitfalls.  With Agile Frameworks software, you own all of the information, just as you own the assets.

How government authorities at any level that act as project owners can benefit

Civil Engineering and General Contractors

Get consistency and standardization in the services subcontractors are performing

Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

Capture and store the data needed for long-lived assets, and avoid redundant testing

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