Civil Engineering and General Contractors

Firms charged with managing the overall construction project often use multiple subcontractors or consultants, even in instances where a single provider can perform all the work. For example, one firm may perform construction materials testing, then another may conduct quality control checks (avoiding the fox guarding the hen house perception). The companies work side by side, but not together.

Specifying that everyone involved —consulting engineers, subcontractors, QA/QC professionals — use the same construction quality assurance software provides speed and accuracy. It simplifies management of multiple subcontractors by enforcing consistency and standardization, both in the way tests are performed and in how results are reported. As each activity is completed, built-in workflow logic automatically triggers progress verification and QC inspections to make sure work is done correctly and to flag any discrepancies.

Multi-story Post Tensioning

Configurable Consistency

Civil engineering firms and general contractors often have specific functions and tests performed by particular subcontractors or consulting firms that specialize in certain areas, such as soil and concrete testing or structural inspections. But project managers need consistency in test processes and reporting.

Our software is fully configurable, enabling your project owners to specify which tests to perform, how they are to be performed, and in which order. It also lets you create boilerplate templates for consistent report formatting. Our applications ensure you collect all test data in a central repository “your way”, regardless of the consultant or subcontractor performing the test. But it’s also flexible so you can define exactly what “your way” means.

Project managers are encouraged to utilize our software and then make its use standard for all consulting firms and subcontractors working on projects, providing them with access to the software. It’s SaaS-based and mobile-friendly, so there’s no software for either project managers or their construction and engineering partners to install and maintain.

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