Improve Government Infrastructure Project Delivery

Public sector authorities at any level —federal, state, county, regional councils, city, local, port authorities — will benefit from managing engineering consulting and inspection processes with our software.

Automating the entire test and inspection processes saves time, eliminates manual re-keying errors, and helps avoid rework —all of which saves taxpayer dollars. By using a single software platform, government authorities will keep projects on schedule and deliver value for the money in terms of data quality, consistency, standardization, risk management, and compliance.

Multi-story Post Tensioning

Replace Chaos with Consistency

Today, most government authorities struggle with huge variation in reporting formats and data collection methods, and none of the information is centrally accessible. The closest thing to “state of the art” is specifying a format for Excel files. However, even these are supported with supplementary data, which may include hand-written notes and drawings, photographs, PDF files, and other records stored in file cabinets.

Chaos reigns. Every activity and test is documented — but it’s difficult to find the information when it’s needed. In addition, no two contractors, consultants, or engineering firms perform their work or report their results in the same way.

Using our government infrastructure software means all information is uploaded and stored in a centralized database — in real time as it’s collected. If a hand-written note is vital, snap a picture and the photo becomes part of the records. In the field, photos and observations are time-stamped and geo-coded, so you know exactly when and where each data element was added. All data is sortable, searchable, and available to anyone who needs it.

Having all contractors, engineers, and technicians involved in soil, concrete, structural, quality control, and other testing using the same software platform ensures all tests are performed to the proper standards and all results are reported in a consistent format.

Immediate Savings Plus Long-Term Payoff

All project data is archived and accessible over the life of the structure or asset. This provides long-term savings to taxpayers by eliminating the need to perform redundant testing years later when expansion or repairs are required.

Over time, a government authority may collect “big data” on hundreds of projects. The ability to store and analyze all test and inspection data, from multiple contractors, in a single repository enables you to evaluate supplier and material performance under different conditions, improve efficiency, replicate successful practices, and avoid pitfalls.

By having everyone involved — consulting engineers, subcontractors, QA/QC professionals — use the same software, you can consolidate reporting. Now you’ll have searchable access to all information in a central data repository so you can see results in a consistent format, regardless of the source. Most importantly, the information you need for decision-making is at your fingertips since all results and observations collected are instantly uploaded to the central data store.

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