Speed and Efficiency in Reporting

For the professionals at Arias Geoprofessionals, MetaField® means speed, efficiency and standardization in the field and the lab. As Agile Frameworks’ third customer, the company - based in San Antonio with five offices throughout Texas - has been utilizing the product since late 2012.

Arias Copy CustomerprofileData entry occurs at the time the data is collected in the field and quickly flows through the process of quality assurance, final edits, report signing and distribution.

To quote John Landwermeyer, Managing Principal, Austin Operations, who has been using the software for three years, “MetaField® helps me to consistently get yesterday’s test results reported by noon today” and he says this every chance he gets. He further stated “I’m helping the field personnel to know what I want them to report on with limited options for site descriptions, locations, up front specifications and proctors. This in turn helps me with review.”

Arias is a team of geotechnical, construction materials testing, and environmental consultants committed to helping our clients achieve their project goals. The company employees licensed geotechnical engineers, professional geologists, engineers-in-training, estimators, project managers, CAD technicians, field and laboratory technicians, computer programmers and administrative specialists.

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