A.G. Wassenaar, Inc.

A.G. Wassenaar Experices Significant time and cost savings with Metafield

Headquarters: Denver, CO
Services: Geotechnical engineering, materials testing, construction observation and environmental services.

Business Issue / Challenge

A.G. Wassenaar, Inc. needed better way to organize and track projects that generate a lot of data. Paper files of project data traveled from office to office, often getting lost or misplaced and were difficult to track down when needed. They also, needed easier way to fix mistakes, for example, if someone filed test results under the incorrect project number.


Field tests and observations can be viewed in MetaField real-time by the project manager, which allows for quick reporting and project turnaround. Project file organization helps project manager to easily track project information. Do-it-Yourself forms allow for easy customization to gather information unique to their business needs.


A.G. Wassenaar can keep project stakeholders updated quickly and easily with accessible project data. They can review a report in MetaField soon after the work is completed in the field and send out the report within minutes of doing the observation or testing. Having everything on one platform ensures the entire project team is working from the same information, accessible from anywhere. This has allowed A.G. Wassenaar to experience a significant time savings—field techs can go right to job site from home and have all project information at their fingertips. By saving A.G. Wassenaar so much time and helping to improve efficiency, MetaField also saves on costs. They didn’t need to hire additional staff to accommodate a 20% uptick in business.

A.g.wassenaar Blog


A.G. Wassenaar’s Senior Engineer Kenny Broseghini was hesitant to try MetaField® when he first learned about it at a conference. He was worried it would take too much time to onboard, and his busy team definitely did not have extra time on their hands…

“With an uptick in our business, MetaField has been a timesaver. We haven’t had to
hire additional staff to cover the higher volume of information coming
into our office from the field. It’s been wonderful that way.”

– Kenny Broseghini, P.E., Senior Engineer