Alaska Testlab

Headquarters:​ Anchorage, AK
Services: Inspections, field testing and laboratory testing for construction materials.


Business Issue / Challenge

Alaska Testlab wanted to find a technology that would provide efficiency and convenience to both its personnel and clients, as well as help them to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.


MetaField’s automated data collection process that supports scheduling, dispatch, testing, collection and real-time reporting of data and results allows Alaska Testlab to expedite data collection and reporting and to digitally manage their workflows.


By adopting MetaField, Alaska Testlab is able to more efficiently handle their lab samples by eliminating rework, which allows them to deliver reports accurately and in a timely manner.

“Agile Frameworks remains at the technology forefront via its proven MetaField platform, and by digitally enabling our operations, we can deliver reports accurately and in a timely manner, eliminating rework and delays in reporting.”