ATC Group Realizes cost savings

Headquarters: Lafayette, LA

Services: Environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and inspection, materials laboratory analyses, industrial hygiene, and environmental health & safety training.

Locations: 100+ offices across U.S.

Business Issue / Challenge

Need to provide a company-wide platform that would allow for consistent data collection and reporting across their 100+ offices. Wanted to consolidate the way they do things so they are more efficient.


With MetaField, field technicians and project managers and engineers are all looking at the same data no matter where they are. The ability to electronically collect data allows technicians to receive a checklist of work item tasks, including instructions. The field data collection connection to LIMS provides technicians the right lab information they need to collect in the field.


ATC is realizing a cost savings as a result of the efficiencies the platform provides—specifically labor savings for both field and office personnel. With MetaField, they have been able to collect data and generate reports in half the time.

“I definitely know we have labor savings and that helps us dramatically. Before using Agile Frameworks we had more clerical needs, and we pretty much cut clerical needs out.”

Scott Vinsant, VP, director-geotechnical and CMT services
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ATC Group Services Uses MetaField to Drive Efficiency

ATC Group has a lot of data across multiple divisions and MetaField is key to streamlining their processes and delivering greater efficiency.