Headquarters: Des Moines, IA

Services: A quality control company that specializes in construction testing for soils, asphalt, concrete, and aggregate.


Business Issue / Challenge

Construction Materials Testing’s (CMT) biggest challenge was getting their technicians to turn in their daily field reports in a timely manner. The techs filled out duplicate copies of the field report, left a copy for the contractor, and brought a copy back to the office. The project managers and administrative staff processed it and made it into a formal report that was put in a project file. The technicians were so inundated with work that by the end of the week they hadn’t filed any reports for that week. CMT knew they needed to streamline that process.


The field technicians log their data using MetaField’s dropdown menus and with a few select clicks are well on their way to getting their reports completed before the end of the day. The project engineers can quickly review the reports right after they are sent.


By streamlining their internal workflows with MetaField, CMT can provide results to their clients faster to help them keep their projects moving along. Previously, what was a three-day process to create a report, now has been streamlined to less than a day. They have seen 20-30 percent growth so far in the year. Their volume has gone up exponentially, yet they are able to stay on top of the additional work even faster than before.

“We quickly realized that we have a lot of contractors and clients who typically want test results almost before we even do the work. MetaField has allowed us to generate speedy results. We can get their results to them faster and keep progress moving on their projects.”

Ryan Clement, logistics coordinator