F R White

Headquarters: Richmond, VA
Services: Geotechnical, materials testing, and environmental engineering services
Locations: 12 offices in four states

Froehling & Robertson, Inc.

Business Issue / Challenge

The fast pace and digital nature of peer and partner interactions require rapid report dissemination. Reports require necessary signatures and credentials and need to be easily accessed and understood by clients.


MetaField provides the ability for F&R to create tailor-made forms for each type of inspection they provide. They can quickly create field inspection forms with step-by-step guides for inspectors to follow.


F&R consistently delivers quality work to their clients. MetaField prevents re-work due to missed steps or omitted information. And the platform provides the ability to bridge the gap between building code and project requirements, and field inspection and data collection.

"The feature I appreciate most is the ability to create tailor-made forms to meet the requirements of each of our detailed types of inspections…This helps us consistently deliver quality work to our clients and prevents re-work due to missed steps or omitted information."

– Dr. Gary Pasquarell, Director of Training