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ttl increases report turnaround time

Headquarters: Tuscaloosa, AL

Services: Geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, analytical laboratory testing and environmental consulting services.

Locations: 7 offices in four states


Business Issue / Challenge

Tuscaloosa Testing Laboratory, Inc. (TTL) needed to improve timeliness and uniformity of their reporting to clients. They also needed a solution that would allow them to tie together their offices as they were growing and adding more locations.


MetaField’s real-time data entry allows TTL project managers and engineers to immediately relay any problems to their clients that might impact their project schedule. The scheduling module allows all of TTL’s offices to interact and keep track of project resources. The AgilePort document management functionality provides TTL clients with access to all of their project information.


TTL has been able to track their projects better and deliver project information to their clients more easily. They’ve received a lot of positive client feedback on report presentation. And they’ve dramatically increased the turnaround time on their reports.

We dialed into the Agile Frameworks’ MetaField product because it was as if it was designed exactly for our type of marketplace. Over time, we’ve looked at how we’ve improved the client experience and for the client deliverables we’re getting same day and next day service back to clients which is very important to us.

Dean McClure, President, TTL, Inc
Ttl White


“We’ve dramatically increased our turnaround time on our reports. When we were doing them in the old paper method, it would sometimes take us three to five days to get reports turned around. Now we’ve dramatically decreased that time from when we input our data to delivering to our clients.”