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Alpha-Omega Geotech

Alpha-Omega Geotech: An Opportunity for Profitable Growth

When it comes to some of the more provocative challenges in the engineering services vertical today, a big one is market conditions. Demand is growing, especially considering Congress recently passed the massive infrastructure bill (November 15, 2021). The opportunity in engineering services is sitting at our feet for an untold number of years to come; however, many would argue equally offsetting that opportunity is the challenge to acquire and retain the employees required to perform the work.

Hear from Allan Bush, CEO and President at Alpha-Omega Geotech, and Adam Jones, Chief Customer Officer of Agile Frameworks, on how to modernize your business processes through technology while overcoming the labor shortage challenge.

In 45 minutes or less, you will gain valuable insights on how leveraging technology can:

  1. Improve operational efficiency without adding headcount
  2. Create a competitive advantage
  3. Position your firm to win more business and larger-scale projects