The Agile Frameworks team has completed a whirlwind of activities this October—attending five conferences in a span of four weeks! At ACEC California, ACEC National, ACEC Canada, GBA, and Fiatech, we’ve had the opportunity to meet up with our valued customers and connect with new prospects, partners and friends.

All of these conferences have provided us with important information about the AEC industry and help us to keep a pulse on the issues and topics that are meaningful to you. Some of the top industry challenges we heard were:

  • Hiring and retention
  • Succession planning
  • Time to money
  • Employee productivity and utilization
  • Managing risk


Key AEC Industry Challenges

Hiring is the number one concern today in the AEC industry. Companies need to be competitive with salary and career development initiatives and investment to capture and retain high quality employees. This includes succession planning. Many companies are at the stage where they are looking for the next leaders. Today, you need to identify high performers and then you need to invest in teaching them how to lead. This is a flat out expense. You have to find ways to offer competitive salaries to attract those qualified employees and then develop their leadership skills. It takes dollars. Otherwise, you lose them to your competitors.

The relationship between customers and vendors are sacred. However, getting paid needs to be more than a phone call to ask for payment. Your organization must get your cash to operate and invest without forcing new or unnatural terms. You need a way to eliminate discrepancies and track the actual time and resources used to deliver a project report. And you need data to support the invoice and make it easier to get paid.

Finding Trapped Value

Building both hard and soft controls into work processes can increase efficiency, eliminate rework, and ensure that the right tech is on the job with the right certifications at the right times. There are tons of trapped value or dollars that you can recover with just a few prompts in a workflow that eliminate incidental errors and the resulting rework because of those errors. So, with these controls you can get it right at the job site the first time.

Risk is three fold. It is litigation or mitigation risk, and it is customer relationship risk, and it is safety. Any way you slice it, risk is costly. These are real dollars being burned to prove your attention to safety detail, your quality of work, and your deliverables.

Issues Inspire Webinar

These challenges inspired us to create a webinar that would help to address several of these important issues. Our webinar, Don’t Stand Still: Capture Your Firm’s Trapped Value and Profits in 60 Days! on November 14, 2017, offers ideas on how to make an immediate impact on key performance indicators to drive out profitable engineering. How about putting an actual measurement and tracking system in place with a partner willing to use metrics to reveal your positive ROI?

Learn how Agile Frameworks’ MetaField solution can help you to maximize revenue, control costs, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce unnecessary overhead costs. The webinar will demonstrate the value of integrated scheduling, dispatch, field, laboratory, QA, and delivery. These all directly impact key performance indicators such as increasing net revenue per employee, improving customer satisfaction and winning more business, and increasing profits.

CLICK HERE to register for the webinar on Tuesday, November 14, 2017. We hope you will join us! If you are not able to join the live webinar, you may still register to receive a recording of the session to listen to at your convenience.

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