Faster answers. More consistent processes.
Increased confidence in customer deliverables.

Only Agile Frameworks offers capital project owners and engineering consulting firms a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. That’s because we’ve come from the industry and know how it works. With 12,000+ subscribers across the U.S.,
we’re the market leader in construction materials testing and inspection software.


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Deliver answers faster, get paid sooner, and make your customers happier.

Our comprehensive approach to automating the construction process integrates:

  • Construction Materials Engineering & Testing (CoMet / CMT)
  • Materials Lab Operations & Materials Science
  • Non-destructive Engineering/Testing (NDE or NDT)
  • Environmental Consulting (EnCon)
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Building Sciences
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI)
  • Commissioning
  • Safety Programs
  • QA Programs
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Cloud-based, mobile-friendly software integrates with what you already have in place.

Your clients want answers about their projects.
We give them to you, at the speed of the Internet.

Our Field and Lab Information Management Systems integrate your technical project operations and client services with your business administration to get you the answers you want — in real-time.

Ten things that make us the right choice:  We’re the only company that…

  1. Can support all your lines of business including almost any kind of field, testing, or construction management service
  2. Includes our Safety Module built-in and at no additional cost to subscribers
  3. Offers multi-department and cross-functional support out of the box – integrating field, lab, engineering, and administration services within one platform
  4. Has the adaptability to support new services lines; ready to scale geographically and into new disciplines as your strategy indicates
  5. Includes a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Engine so you can design your own Field or Lab data entry forms and reports – with no programming experience necessary
  6. In our DIY Library, includes hundreds of DIY form and report templates right out of the box so you won’t need to start from scratch unless you want to
  7. Designs software in a mobile-first, cloud-first manner to support your geographically dispersed service professionals using the latest mobile and cloud-technologies
  8. Has built a state-of-the art technology platform helping to ensure information technology relevance far into the future
  9. Allows you to choose what end-user devices work for you – Android, Apple, Windows it’s up to you
  10. Sticks with you throughout deployment and implementation to help you manage change and harvest the benefits of your investment