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Digital Signatures
For Construction Materials Testing

Formerly known as AgileStamp, MetaField Mark is an integrated digital signature solution, enabling secure document approvals in real time. Powered by DocuSign(R), MetaField Mark is designed to meet the digital signing needs of multidisciplinary engineering, environmental consulting, and testing firms.

Secure, compliant, and real-time document approvals

Paper contracts, work orders, proposals and other documents requiring multiple signatures can create costly project delays. 

MetaField Mark offers a secure means to approve reports within MetaField without the need to print, sign, and scan. Whether you are on a jobsite or in the office, sign documents any time, from any place, and from any supported device. It supports a wide range of industry use cases, providing secure signature transactions that are protected in a centralized location. 

Your seal of approval, simplified

Through our licensed digital signature partnership with DocuSign®, MetaField Mark enables PKI-based secure signing transactions. It offers personal signature images and supports professional seals. MetaField Mark allows users to sign or batch-sign almost any document type, creating easy workflow integration and eliminating inefficiencies.