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Scheduling & Dispatch
Keep projects on schedule with real-time visibility

Optimize staff productivity and assign the right technician for every task when executing scheduling and dispatch in MetaField®. Review pending field work alongside availability of qualified technicians. Easily work with multiple schedulers and sort through last minute variables for seamless workflows and stronger communication.

Operational efficiency to put resources to work asap

Different views allow scheduling by office, project, and other filters. Schedulers can assign technicians on centralized shared views which allow for smooth and fast personnel allocation. MetaField helps to achieve continuity of service by ensuring the right field professional (with the required certifications) is on the job site as soon as possible.

Static tools, such as Outlook, Excel, and whiteboards used to track project tasks and resources are disconnected and labor intensive. With MetaField, schedulers are automatically reminded when there is work to be assigned. Work orders begin with scheduling, and the Scheduling & Dispatch capability allows schedulers to create and assign work on a project to technicians. They have real-time visibility to a technician’s capacity, previous work, and certifications.

Empowers everyone from dispatch to delivery

Once an assignment has been sent, field personnel see their assigned work orders via text or email and can accept the work. Accepting the work orders in MetaField makes it easy for users to be automatically routed to the correct location to perform the work. Relevant data collection forms are attached to each assignment as work is systematically scheduled, and field personnel know exactly what data needs to be collected. They can mark work orders as completed, which then notifies the schedulers.

Streamlined resource scheduling & dispatch:

  • Allows workload visibility and verifies the correct paperwork is logged
  • Maximizes staff productivity and ensures critical follow-up work is not overlooked
  • Validates appropriate certifications and facilitates continuity of service

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