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Construction Materials Testing Software
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Our construction materials testing software, MetaField, is the industry-leading cloud-based software for field inspection and lab testing. This complete digital solution provides a streamlined and connected process from project set up and scheduling, to mobile data collection and report submission.

The automated workflows in our construction materials testing software digitally manage and track tests and data collection performed in the field and laboratory to determine compliance with construction project plans, specifications, and industry standards.


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Construction Materials Testing Software is a Game Changer For Firms Like Yours

MetaField®, our construction materials testing software, supports field professionals who enter test data and securely submit field reports at construction sites. Once reviewed, often before the technician even leaves the site, final reports including all field activity are created and sent electronically to clients as PDF files. Our system also captures supporting documentation, including photos and more detailed test reports, into the reviewed reports.

It [MetaField] is very specific to construction materials testing, so it’s not trying to be all things to all people. We could envision our own processes within the product during the demo. We could see that it was going to be a good fit.
Vice President of Administration
Palmerton & Parrish, Inc.
Construction materials testing software with a forms and report engine.
REvolutioning the industry

Construction Materials Testing Software with a Customizable Forms & Report Engine

The forms used by construction materials testing firms to capture field and lab data are highly regulated by governing bodies such as AASHTO, ASTM, and CSA. It is critical to maintain an accurate library of forms to minimize risk of liability for damage or injury.

With our configurable and flexible forms and report engine, you have access to our team of form designer experts, hundreds of pre-built form and report templates, and our one-of-a-kind form designer tool. Our library of pre-built templates, of which follow regulatory standards for ASTM, AASHTO, a variety of state DOTs, as well as other industry governing organizations, is growing on a weekly basis.

Construction Materials Testing Software to Help Grow Your Firm

Why settle for less effective tools and time-consuming offline, manual processes? MetaField streamlines workflow processes to achieve scalable growth, data accuracy, risk mitigation, time savings and fast report delivery. Built using the latest cloud technology, it is a turn-key, self-maintained solution that doesn't require hardware/software to download, install, and maintain as you scale and grow. You get the latest technology and software upgrades without having to incur the costs and headache from large maintenance upgrade projects. MetaField offers technology resiliency with a fail-safe modern infrastructure and dual-data warehouse support.

Construction materials testing software to grow your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Construction materials testing software solutions provide a streamlined process from project set up and scheduling, to mobile data collection and report submission. They help you build a strong reputation for speed and quality, mitigate risk, and most importantly, grow revenue.

No! MetaField is powered by the latest cloud technology, with no hardware required or software to maintain as you scale and grow. All system upgrades happen automatically without having to incur the costs and headache from large maintenance upgrade projects. MetaField is a complete solution to streamline and connect the entire workflow.

With MetaField, companies experience a dramatic cost benefit and distinct competitive advantage. You will build a strong reputation for speed and quality to achieve a competitive edge, you will foster accountability and mitigate risk by centralizing your data, and you will empower project teams, increase job satisfaction to retain talent, and grow revenue.

Yes, leverage the benefits of mobile technology by using MetaField’s mobile-optimized platform, making it easy to connect project teams and clients. Mobile data collection automatically synchronizes across your operations and labs to deliver results anytime, anywhere. Use any mobile device to upload data onsite in real time, making it instantly accessible to everyone who needs it, including readings, calibration of field test equipment, and photos. The mobile platform provides fast, accurate reporting so everyone instantly gets the information they need.

Optimize staff productivity and assign the right technician for every task when executing scheduling and dispatch with our construction materials testing software. Review pending field work alongside availability of qualified technicians. More easily communicate with multiple schedulers and sort through last minute variables for seamless workflows and field dispatch.