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Unparalleled scalability and flexibility

MetaField is powered by the latest cloud technology, with no hardware required or software to maintain as our customers scale and grow. All system upgrades happen automatically without having to incur the costs and headache from large maintenance upgrades.

Our complete, carbon-neutral cloud infrastructure allows for platform scalability and flexibility, full data residency and retention, and high availability. Batch product enhancements are also included as part of our product-centric approach and subscription offering.

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A secure, available, and high-performing platform

We use a virtual private cloud to maintain our data storage, servers, and production infrastructure with Microsoft Azure. Our customers’ data is available 24/7 because our team is:

  • Regularly assessing and monitoring the platform’s security posture
  • Performing internal security audits
  • Staying up to date with best practices

Fit For Your Needs

We offer a device agnostic, multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure solution for transparent data encryption, single sign-on (SSO) and two-way authentication, and automated UI tests to ensure browser compatibility, reliability, and security.

By leveraging Office Access, each user's experience within MetaField is curated. A user's access is restricted based on assigned offices and directly pertains to the scheduling needs and projects and equipment for which they are authorized.


API integrations for enhanced efficiencies

We strive to maintain a minimum of 99.99% uptime, optimize efficiencies using third-party monthly external vulnerability assessments, and support seamless, in-house API integrations.

No integration is required to operate MetaField successfully. All workflows can be managed with data extracts to communicate to a financial system. However, if an integration is required, our customers can leverage MetaField APIs to facilitate:

  • Single source of truth
  • Eliminate redundant setup for users, clients, and projects
  • Streamline billing operations by automating data entry
  • Reduce lab test processing time and remove human error