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Project Management
For Construction Materials Testing

Project Managers need a system that supports a consistent, standardized process to set up projects and communicate information to field and lab resources in a timely manner. With MetaField, project managers can add project specifications and notes in a centralized location to inform schedulers, field and lab staff the project work to be completed. With MetaField, you can control and prioritize tasks to deliver reports and keep things on schedule and budget.

Streamline data collection, QA review & delivery

Workflows for field and lab operations typically rely on disparate systems that often require the use of manual processes and multiple re-entry of information from Word documents or spreadsheets to capture and document work performed.

The lack of an efficient, automated project management process with standardized forms causes serious deficiencies in the ability to communicate necessary information in a timely manner to all roles performing daily tasks across projects.

MetaField provides project set up and best practice operating principals for a connected, correct process from start to finish. Your team gains the flexibility to build upon projects as more information becomes available, and keep things moving forward efficiently.

Defined project specifications enable fast, accurate data collection

  • Standardization: Create a standardized experience with cross-functional views of your entire project workflow for greater collaboration, communication, and efficiency.
  • Visibility: Predict and impact project profitability with real-time visibility, active decision-making, and interactions to reduce risk and deliver on-time, accurate reporting.
  • Speed: Achieve fast, connected digital project workflows with the latest advancements from MetaField for project management operational excellence.