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Reporting & Delivery
For Construction Materials Testing

MetaField® Reporting & Delivery serves as an internal document repository of all reports created on a project. A centralized source of information supports a seamless workflow and makes it easier to analyze results, enable quality control, and provide reliable and accurate recommendations to project teams.

High-quality report delivery – centralized and secure

Delivering project reports is often required to get paid for your work; however, project teams do not often know where to send reports or what reports need to be signed. Project information stored across multiple databases can make it difficult to compile a report. There is also no centralized location for project teams to send reports, or for clients to access report history. 

With MetaField, you now have a single source of project information to easily review data, generate reports, and quickly deliver results and recommendations to your project team, clients, and other key stakeholders. Project managers and engineers can instantly access and analyze field and laboratory outputs to validate suitability against project specifications. They can create reports and deliver them via email or a custom document portal – all from one platform.

Time is our most valuable asset

Historically, report turnaround time was 7 – 14 days. With MetaField, the new standard is 24 hours or less. Reporting & Delivery helps to streamline project deliverables, improve data quality, and create full visibility on report distribution, which ultimately leads to enhanced client satisfaction.

Reports can also be delivered to your clients using AgilePort, our purpose-built system that allows your clients to securely view documents. Using the dedicated portal, your clients can easily search and filter years of report data to find exactly the information they need. The alternative -- wading through emails or submitting requests to you for historical data.

Utilizing an easily searchable repository of the entire history of their work with you creates a competitive advantage for your firm and a more enjoyable experience for your clients.