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LIMS Software
For Construction Materials Testing (CMT)

MetaField® CMT LIMS allows for managing samples with a chain-of-custody process, starting in the field with sample creation, to maintain consistency and compliance. Work queues allow lab supervisors to manage workloads and ensure all tests are completed on time and include the required specifications. 

Uncover inefficiencies, increase revenue using our LIMS Software

Laboratory staff deal with unknown specifications related to tests – i.e. samples are often dropped off with no identification to projects. They must manually enter data for each test performed, and often have minimal knowledge of what needs to be tested in the future.

MetaField’s integrated laboratory information management systems (LIMS) capability provides full chain-of-custody transparency, starting as soon as samples are collected in the field and tracking throughout its lifecycle. Users can also analyze, schedule, and perform tests, and report test results.

Samples are accounted for every step of the way to enable easier collaboration between field and lab technicians, and to ensure accurate analysis and reporting. Data needs to be entered only once and can be accessed and updated as needed.

Improve lab operations for your construction materials testing operations

With MetaField, lab staff have real-time visibility to tests via work queues and can run multiple tests concurrently. They also have access to a pre-defined library of material specifications, configurable lab test forms, bulk entry and pre-populated data capabilities, and data archiving.

MetaField LIMS also contains its own quality review process to make sure data is entered correctly and to alert project managers of issues immediately following a completed test.

MetaField accreditation capabilities provides a centralized location to store documents and organize information to help meet the R18 standard, allowing you to digitally manage day-to-day lab operations to ensure compliance with your QMS.