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Field Data Collection
For Construction Materials Testing

MetaField® enables data-driven decision making and project execution by automating the process of gathering, aggregating, and analyzing field inspection data in real time. All project data is collected and managed in MetaField to facilitate efficient workflows, allowing you to easily prepare and respond to client requests for faster delivery of results and reports.

Streamlined digital data collection from anywhere

With MetaField, field technicians can see all project documents and work orders assigned to them. They can initiate and complete non-scheduled work and systematically track field work samples, access pre-populated forms with specifications and compliance information, and digitally sign, certify, and deliver results to clients and project managers. 

A field data collection app allows users to enter data at the same time they are performing field activities. This real-time data entry reduces the potential for errors and sends data to the MetaField system quickly, resulting in faster reporting. When there is no Internet connection, active forms will persist in an offline mode, and as you save records they are cached on your local browser. Once a data connection is reestablished, the records are uploaded to the database.

Tailored to the job to be done 

Mobile field data collection requires gathering test, sample, and special inspection or observation data. Paper-based data collection can cause mistakes and slow down client delivery. Field professionals typically have limited information on where to go, what to do, or what the work specifications are on a job site. Digital workflows and forms to compliment field book documentation provides the essential tool kit that supports project communication and follow-up.

With MetaField, field professionals can configure their own reports or use predefined forms to easily enter testing data or summarize daily activities. Navigating the complex requirements governed by various jurisdictions—like AASHTO, ASTM, and CSA—requires a high level of sophistication and understanding. Leverage our forms and report library with hundreds of previously developed templates to make it easy to customize for your projects.