MetaField® - Field Data Collection

MetaField® is an integrated Field Information Management System (FIMS) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) developed for the engineering and construction industry. It serves the needs of multidisciplinary civil, engineering, testing, and environmental consulting firms that conduct significant operations in the field and in the lab where the remote gathering of testing information, materials samples, special inspections, discrepancy management and construction observation data is required.

MetaField addresses the entire process, from project setup and specification, through scheduling and dispatch, field data collection, geo-coding of transactions using mobile GPS services, monitoring, quality control, exception/discrepancy management, report generation, report delivery, and ongoing data mining.

MetaField is designed to be optionally integrated with leading ERP or project accounting systems such as Axium, BST, Deltek, or Microsoft Dynamics. Combining a device-agnostic handheld browser interface, a web services architecture, and integration with standard digital signatures—MetaField can be a significant differentiator in a competitive market.

The MetaField cloud-based software solution is a subscription-based service that is billed monthly for each subscriber, and it pays for itself very fast. For a comprehensive, no-cost return-on-investment analysis, please contact us or call 800.779.1196.

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  • Field Interface: optimized for mobile devices such as Android Smart phones/Pads, Apple iPhone/iPad, or Windows Surface/Smart phones.
  • Project information, locations, scope of work, contact information
  • In-Situ and Materials Field Testing, e.g. nuclear gauge soil density testing, concrete slump, air, etc.
  • Nuclear gauge standardization tracking
  • Project communications field summary
  • Sample tracking, sample chain-of-custody, e.g. concrete cylinders and beams
  • Construction Observations for project activity reporting
  • Special Inspections
  • Construction discrepancy and exception tracking
  • GPS: all transactions enabled for geo-coding using mobile GPS services
  • Project Configuration: either through an optional direct connection to the project accounting system or through native upload and management capabilities, MetaField makes sure all work is associated at the front-end with active projects.
    Project management and billing/invoicing processes are optimized. Unit price and labor extracts are available outputs to aid in batch or manual accounting system entry.
  • Project Manager Dashboard and QA Interface: live monitoring of field activities and QA workflow for data review and client reporting
    • Editing and review of discrete field and test data
    • Failure/exception tracking
    • Discrepancy management and reporting
  • Lab Interface: lab interfaces for sample management, work queuing, and sample testing
  • Optional Digital Signatures: using AgileStamp® powered by ARX CoSign®, paperless digital signing of personal signatures and PE seals in single or batch mode
  • Report Management, Dissemination, and Delivery: Report creation, consolidation, delivery and archive repository.
  • Data Mining: comprehensive query interfaces for data mining, report mining, and data extract creation.
Highly Configurable

  • Company Parameters: configuration of business rules, lists, global specifications, user management, etc.
  • Project Specifications: locations, testing specifications, field instructions, supplier/mix designs, etc.
  • User Defined Fields and Reports: custom field, input form, and report creation.
  • Custom Extracts: comma delimited, customizable data extracts

Standards Based

  • Supports applicable ASTM, AASHTO, and FIPS standards

Built-in integration with:

  • AgilePort® Client Portal
  • AgileStamp powered by ARX CoSign

Custom integration options:

  • Axium
  • BST Enterprise
  • Deltek Vision
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX/SL

Framework roadmap:

  • Comprehensive materials sample tracking and COC
  • Comprehensive lab features to support other cementitious, soils, and aggregate materials testing
  • Geotechnical activity support, e.g. boring logs, drilling activities, etc.
  • Extended report delivery & Transmittal Features
  • Dispatch and time management

System requirements & specifications

  • Remote User: 3G/4G Cellular, Wi-FI, or wired internet-connected device with a JavaScript/HTML5 compatible browser
  • Office User: Broad-band, commercial grade connection to the internet using PC with compatible versions of Google Chrome, FireFox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer
MetaField is designed as a tool to be integrated with other enterprise, company-wide applications such as project accounting, CRM, HR, or Lab Information Management Systems. Such integration can drive business efficiency and effectiveness.

The MetaField cloud-based software solution is a subscription-based service that is billed monthly for each subscriber, and it pays for itself very fast. For a comprehensive, no-cost return-on-investment (ROI) analysis, please contact us via an online form submission or call 800.779.1196.

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