Construction Materials Testing Software

Designed for flexibility.
Built to scale.

The leader in cloud-based CMT software
for geotechnical engineering firms

Why partner with us

Efficiencies that unlock business growth

Agile Frameworks’ CMT software – MetaField – has been the industry-leading field and lab management solution for construction materials testing, inspection, and geotechnical firms in North America since 2011.

  • Results you can trust
  • Reliable technology infrastructure
  • Devoted partnership support model
  • Increased job satisfaction to retain talent
MOVING the industry forward

MetaField® is the category leader in CMT software solutions

Why settle for less effective tools and time-consuming offline, manual processes? MetaField streamlines workflow processes to achieve the following:

  • Time savings
  • Data accuracy
  • Fast report delivery
  • Risk mitigation
  • Scalable growth
Construction materials testing software overview

Who we serve

Supporting innovative construction materials testing firms

We are committed to successful outcomes for our customers. Whether you are looking for concrete testing software or geotechnical engineering software, MetaField provides it. Centralizing and streamlining your process and project data so your business can operate with ease and increase productivity for your team. Our full-service support model is structured to get your teams onboarded quickly and get the most value from MetaField and our software solutions.