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Increase Efficiency of Lab Accreditation and Audit Processes

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AASHTO R18 Quality Management System (QMS) accreditation for your laboratories requires meticulous record keeping in order to demonstrate your firms’ laboratory practices and quality management system. Construction materials testing firms are looking for a comprehensive solution to consistently manage policy and procedure driven information, particularly across multiple lab locations.

On average, CMT firms spend 14 to 21 days preparing for audits.

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Paper-based training and certifications documents can get lost in file cabinets and are not easy to find and reference during an audit. This can cost you time and money. If you are missing forms or the forms you have are incomplete, preparing for an audit can be an overwhelming effort.

To simplify the lab accreditation process, you need access to a single source of truth for documents and accreditation-related information. MetaField Accreditation not only provides a central location to store your documents, but also helps you and your firm organize the information to assist in your success of meeting the R18 standard.

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With MetaField’s Accreditation capabilities, you can digitally manage day-to-day lab operations to ensure compliance with your QMS. Systematize repeatable activities, eliminating the last-minute push to complete overlooked tasks. Records can be searched and easily retrieved, dramatically reducing oversight and audit time.

  • Single point of access, across offices, for streamlined storage of the latest version of accreditation documents.
  • Increase efficiency and consistency of training and evaluation processes.
  • Accurate and defensible record keeping that can be easily referenced in an audit.
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MetaField’s Accreditation capabilities offer robust features to prepare for a laboratory accreditation or assessment, helping you streamline the process and reduce the costly impact of auditor visits. Features include:

  • Documents—central repository for lab-specific accreditation-related information.
  • Evaluation Forms—record, track and store lab staff training via competency verifications and written evaluations.
  • Certifications—record, track and store staff certifications.
  • Equipment—record and track equipment inventory, calibration, and maintenance.

"When we’ve had auditors from AMRL come to check on us in the last couple of years, they say our quality management system is the best they’ve ever seen. We get the auditors in and out a lot quicker, and now that they’re charging us on a half-day basis that’s important."

Jim Murphy, CEO, STRATA, Inc.

“If you're scrambling right before your audit, you’re missing the value of a QMS and simply creating deliverables for the audit. The whole point of a QMS is to infuse quality into your daily lab practices, creating increased efficiency for the lab and constantly higher quality for your customers.”

Thor Stangebye, Materials Lab Business Unit Leader
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For those of us who’ve been accredited for a while, audits used to be a one-off. Audits are no longer a one-off. If you’re not doing the things that you have to do on a day-to-day basis—training records for instance—the auditors catch that and it becomes a problem.