AEC Firms: Find Trapped Value to Increase Profitability

AEC Firms: Find Trapped Value to Increase Profitability

PROFITS. AEC firms are certainly talking about it. But what about all that “trapped value?” Trapped value is revenue and profit dollars that are trapped within inefficient or missing processes that don’t make it to your bottom line. Our latest guide, “Finding Trapped Value to Become More Profitable,” will help you to identify common areas of trapped value within your project execution workflow and provide ways for you to drive out more profitability.

Identify and Improve Inefficient Processes

A common project execution workflow starts with the corporate or regional office communicating to the field staff, the field staff executing on field tests or observations and inspections, collecting and transporting samples to a lab, entering lab results, project engineer QA/QC review, and then delivery to the client.

With Agile Frameworks’ MetaField® solution, we help firms leverage this workflow to identify, measure, and track the trapped value that is pulled down from these often inefficient or unsystematic practices. From initial project definition all the way through delivering work product to your client, there are many processes that can leak your revenues, your margins and your profits. It’s our job to help you uncover and improve those processes so that you can turn this leaked revenue into real actualized dollars to spend or reinvest into your business’ bottom line.

Real-Time Visibility is Imperative for Success

For example, real-time visibility into scheduling and dispatching your qualified resources is imperative to keep a project on schedule. A lack of visibility often results in wasted dollars. Schedulers aren’t able to easily balance field technician workloads. Field technicians aren’t notified in enough time to get to the project site. The wrong resources are sent to a project site.

With MetaField, schedulers can review committed workloads to schedule technicians on a centralized, shared calendar. This allows for smooth and fast resource allocation. Schedulers can issue and dispatch work orders for technician notification and acknowledgement directly to and from their mobile devices. This makes it easy for technicians to respond quickly to work order requests. MetaField requires certifications to ensure the right certified technician is assigned to the work order. The technician follows a checklist to make sure they complete all necessary tasks and tests consistently, correctly and efficiently.

Streamline Project Execution to Increase Profitability

MetaField is the AEC (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) and related service industries’ trusted solution to streamline project management operations and client services focused on increasing productivity and profitability. MetaField also is the only industry solution that fully integrates corporate, field, and lab information management activities in one platform across multiple engineering and construction disciplines. An end-to-end process within Metafield includes: scheduling/dispatch, project administration, field data collection and materials testing, review and quality control, digital signing, automated client reporting, and much more. Companies that use MetaField experience a fast ROI with a distinct competitive advantage focused on our profitable engineering™ approach.

Want to Learn More?

Learn how MetaField solution can help you to maximize revenue, control costs, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce unnecessary overhead costs—all things that contribute to increasing your firm’s profitability. To download the guide “AEC Firms: Finding Trapped Value to Become More Profitable,” click the button below.

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