2016 is an exciting year for Agile Frameworks software developers.  We are hard at work on many features that will provide significant value to our existing customers as well as bring new customers into the Agile Frameworks’ family.

Earlier this year we deployed MetaField® version 2.9.6 which contained enhancements to our utilities module for data extract. Many customers use this area of MetaField to access data for billing purposes and we’ve enhanced capabilities with this in mind. If you have not already explored the new feature of utilities to see if they would benefit you, please contact your Solutions Consultant for more information.

Mid to late summer will see the release of our 2.10 version of MetaField. This release focuses on several key items:

1) AgilePort® is a portal product that enables you to provide your clients with round-the-clock access to their deliverables in a user interface that can be branded for your firm. Unlike email, this product allows your clients to have access to a persistent repository of report information for all of their projects, large and small. AgilePort 3.0 is a major redesign of this product with an emphasis on integration with the MetaField platform.

We've worked hard to simplify security and permissions to allow you to give access to project collaborators or people on the distribution list easily and simply. The publishing process in place today for AgilePort has been redesigned to make it quicker and easier.

Finally, we have added more integration with the report generation process to allow you to get your reports to your clients faster. For customers currently using AgilePort 2.1, we will be working with you to put together a transition plan to AgilePort 3.0 once it is available.  We know you'll find the workflow improvements valuable in saving time, streamlining your report delivery process, and enhancing your clients’ experience.

2) The Lab Information Management System (LIMS) module is a major area of focus not only for the 2.10 release but also for Version 2.11. We continue to enhance and refine workflow, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Forms framework, and reporting.

A significant enhancement in V2.10 will enable report generation in the LIMS module rather than limiting it to Quality Control. This will allow the lab to handle report generation and optionally delivery for reports that do not require engineering review of the results data. We are also working to add additional lab test templates and expand our capabilities for built in tests.

3) Several enhancements are planned for the next version of AgileStamp® including expanding the ability to include text as part of a digital signature or PE seal.

In addition to these specific enhancement areas, we continue to address your product change requests and general improvements to the software products. Your Solutions Consultant can answer any questions you have about this release.

Remember that in the month before the release they will also send you Release Notes and Deployment Notes. We will also provide access to a preview environment of V2.10 in roughly this same timeframe. Reviewing these documents and exploring the preview environment is an important step to make sure you are taking advantage of new features and that you are prepared for any changes the upgrade brings.

Collaborating with our customers to improve our products is part of our company culture.  On behalf of all of the Agile Frameworks team, we want to thank you for the feedback and input you provide.

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