The accelerating pace of today’s construction industry places many demands on those of us delivering Construction Materials Testing and Special Inspections services.  At F&R, these demands include rapidly delivering accurate reports to our clients and equipping our teams with flexible, mobile tools that can be adapted to specific Building Codes as well as project or individual client requirements.  

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The fast pace and increasingly digital nature of how we interact with our peers and partners require that inspection reports be rapidly disseminated in a digital format, with recourse to our source data as well as final report images. Clients also require that these reports be attractively formatted, professional in appearance, affixed with necessary signatures and credentials, and easily accessed and understood.  For our firm, MetaField®  has provided the tool that fits all of these requirements.

I could say many good things about MetaField®, but the feature I appreciate most is the ability to create tailor-made forms to meet the requirements of each of our detailed types of inspections.  With the MetaField Activities feature, I can quickly create field inspection forms that guide our Inspectors step by step through a comprehensive and detailed inspection process.  This helps us consistently deliver quality work to our clients and prevents re-work due to missed steps or omitted information.  

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For example, we have created a Masonry Inspection Activity Form that guides the Inspector through the details of Masonry Materials, Construction Tolerances, Pre-Grout Placement Inspections, etc. Air temperature is a required input: when the air temperature falls outside designated ranges, additional inspection requirements automatically appear corresponding to Cold Weather or Hot Weather inspection, whichever may apply.

MetaField gives F&R the ability to bridge the gap between Code and project requirements and actual field inspection and data collection. It also allows us to create smart looking reports from this data to rapidly send to our clients. 

Dr. Pasquarell brings a passion for teaching and mentoring to his current role as Director of Training for F&R. His responsibilities include the development of a new training program for the members of F&R engaged in the CMT side of our business. He possesses a wide variety of practical certifications from the International Code Council (ICC), the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA).

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