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Alpha-Omega Geotech
Case Study

Services Offered

Special inspections and construction materials testing to clients in the commercial, industrial, and transportation sectors.

Kansas City, KS

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Alpha-Omega Geotech (AOG) was looking for a solution that would help them make their project workflow more efficient and allow them to enhance the quality, speed, and consistency of delivering results to their clients.


MetaField’s dashboard capability allows project managers to see which reports have and haven’t been reviewed and make sure things don’t fall through the cracks. And AOG can modify the report presentation and format to look the way they want it to look. Another key feature is that MetaField is web-based and compatible with any device.


AOG field technicians’ response to using MetaField has been very positive. It’s faster for them to get their reports done on site because they can pull up MetaField on their phone, tablet or laptop and do their paperwork on the spot. Project managers have reduced their time for reviewing reports from about 8-10 hours per week down to two hours a week. This time savings frees them up to review more reports or they can do other billable things like assist other projects.