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Arias Geoprofessionals
Case Study

Services Offered
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Construction materials testing
  • Environmental consulting

San Antonio, TX


Arias Geoprofessionals needed speed, efficiency and standardization in the field and lab. They also wanted to differentiate themselves as a laboratory that produces quick and accurate results.


MetaField’s two-way communication allows the laboratory to populate the lab results, concrete mix designs, site contact information, and dispatch information as it’s received. With MetaField’s mobile data collection, data entry occurs at the time data is collected in the field and quickly flows through the process of QA, final edits, report signing and distribution. MetaField’s same-day reporting capabilities enable a project manager to view/review real-time results, provide quality control, generate and sign and deliver test reports electronically.


MetaField allows Arias Geoprofessional team members real-time access to test results and the ability to create customized reports based on service location versus just by service date. The project teams experience simplified editing and review processes and their clients receive the fast and accurate results that they demand (within 24 hours and as quickly as 10 minutes). The speedy reporting has allowed contractors to accelerate their tasks and acceptance of critical portions their work without compromising QA/QC programs. Learn more about how Arias Geoprofessionals uses MetaField technology on the Arias Geoprofessional website.