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Bob Taylor Engineering, Inc.
Case Study

Services Offered

Geotechnical engineering and materials testing services including inspections, drilling, and concrete, soil, asphalt and aggregate testing. They primarily serve commercial clients and some residential clients in the tri-county area of southern Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area.

Lexington Park, MD

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Bob Taylor Engineering’s (BTE) challenge was the inefficiency of a pencil and paper field data collection process. Field technicians couldn’t write up their reports until they came back to the office at the end of the day. And many times, those reports wouldn’t be promptly prepared because the technician had a backlog of reports. They were looking for a software solution that would help them become more efficient in delivering reports to their clients in a timely manner.


BTE chose MetaField because of the flexibility to tailor the platform their needs. They can change their lab or field forms to fit a specific kind of inspection that they do. They also like the Scheduling module which allows them to track when a technician is out in the field. With MetaField, they can see when a report is delivered to the project manager and then when it is delivered to the client. Another useful feature is the ability to consolidate reports and the hyperlink that allows them to scroll down to different parts of the report just by clicking through.


With MetaField, BTE has found that their field reporting is cleaner and more efficient, and they have received positive feedback from both new and long-term clients.