Construction Engineering labs

Construction Engineering Labs field techs can input field data on a phone or tablet

Headquarters:​ Pearl City, HI

Services: Construction materials testing, geotechnical engineering and special inspection services.


Business Issue / Challenge

Construction Engineering Labs (CEL) has been in business for 30 years and they are always looking for ways to improve how they do their business. They wanted to find a solution that would provide improvements for their clients and work for their employees. In the course of their research, CEL found the MetaField software solution. They felt MetaField was a better system than what they were currently using because of the field application for their field technicians. The caveat was that they had to get their project teams up and running on MetaField as quickly as possible.


As an easy-to-use, mobile-enabled solution, MetaField allows CEL field techs to input their field data on a phone or a tablet. Once the field data is input, project managers have access to it in real time.


Agile Frameworks’ customer support team helped CEL get through a fast implementation and met their required deadline. And now that CEL is live with MetaField the team provides support whenever they need it.

“I looked at several different applications and found that MetaField is more set up for what we need. Our technicians will be able to do all of their current paperwork on a phone or tablet versus having the paperwork sit in their truck until they get back to the office. The easy-to-use platform and real-time data availability are key for us.”

Ron Pickering, president