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Geoprofessional Innovation Corporation
Case Study

Services Offered
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Environmental consulting
  • Construction testing/inspection

Pullman, WA


The material testing component of their business generates a lot of data which is often difficult to manage and to present to their clients in a format that they can understand and find useful. Several years ago they started to develop an internal program themselves, but the functionality and the database management component of the data itself was just not there.


GPI turned to MetaField and found that it offered the most flexibility, the most technical management of the data and the best presentation of data to their clients. The real-time scheduling component allows them to review the schedule and move resources around as needed. The overall data workflow is fairly powerful—from easy data entry using a smartphone, tablet or computer to reviewing the data to publishing the data.


GPI found the time savings from the powerful data workflow were adding up to hours of their time, which has a positive impact on their overall profitability. Their clients found the data presentation very easy to follow as well. Clients could track their data whether it was concrete tests across different mix designs or repetitive density tests over large fill areas.