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Harris & Sloan
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Structural and mechanical engineering firm and forensic engineering services.

Sacramento, CA

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Harris & Sloan relied on spreadsheets to track the collection of data from field service technicians and used manual operations such as mail merge and macros to create summary report letters to send to clients. As its client base began to grow, the use of spreadsheets and manual non-automated processes started to put a stranglehold on efficiency and profitability. They also had to manually check to make sure the correct data was entered into its project accounting system.


With MetaField, key data points from field service technicians are automatically configured into summary reports which they can easily track at any time. And project data is automatically entered into Harris & Sloan’s accounting system with valuable labor resources re-allocated to more strategic activities to support the company.


Harris & Sloan is able to streamline the entire data collection and reporting process and better allocate their resources.