Insight Group

Headquarters:​ North Charleston, SC

Services: Geotechnical, environmental and construction materials engineering services.


Business Issue / Challenge

Insight Group’s collective experience of working within larger firms in the Tri-County region of South Carolina has provided the firm with a keen understanding of the technology needed to support its field technicians and better serve its clients.


Prior to adopting MetaField, Insight Group’s concrete and field density testing engineers had to carry laptops and field books to site locations. Now, they just use their smartphones to access the MetaField mobile app for greater efficiency on the go.


MetaField provides more efficient data tracking and automated reporting in the field. And Insight Group has found that having modern technology-based workflows in place is a boon to the firm’s recruiting practices, as it looks to onboard new “digitally native” engineering talent.

“MetaField provides the one-stop shop solution we were looking for to handle field testing, reporting, and data collection – basically everything.”

Kylie Page, Construction Consultant Tweet