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Leighton Group, Inc.
Case Study

Services Offered
  • Geotechnical
  • Environmental engineering
  • Special inspection
  • Materials testing and source inspection for infrastructure and institutional projects

Irvine, CA


Leighton Group needed reliable and safe storage for all of their client data—a cloud solution with regular backups and assurance that the data wouldn’t get lost. They needed a solution that provided a more comprehensive presentation of data (both images and text) to clients with built-in quality control to make sure it is complete. They also needed speedier transmission and communication of data.


As a SaaS solution, MetaField allows for instant access to any and all of Leighton Group’s client data. The flexibility of the DIY custom forms allows them to retain useful forms their clients are familiar with. As a firm that has been in business for 50+ years, Leighton Group has developed forms that work best for them and their clients—so the ability to create custom forms is a big plus.


Leighton Group’s goal is to further reduce clerical entry of information, which is a tangible cost metric for them. They are very close to 100% today. Leighton Group also has seen improvements in getting data to their clients. Clients receive daily updates with weekly summaries vs. just weekly updates.