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Consulting services in planning and design, engineering, field services, environmental, and technology

Lincoln, NE


Olsson purchased Agile Frameworks’ MetaField solution in 2013 with the objective of moving away from Excel spreadsheets and carbon-copy, handwritten reports. They wanted to increase their efficiency and centralize their project data, which they knew would increase the value of the end product that they give their clients. In 2018, Olsson went to Agile Frameworks to discuss the need for finding the right amount of configuration and the right amount of out-of-the-box, non-configuration.


With support from Agile Frameworks’ customer success team, Olsson has been able to find the ‘sweet spot’ between configuration and ready-to-go out-of-the box. This balance allows Olsson the freedom to configure what they need, and saves them time and money for items they don’t need configured.


Finding the right balance has enables Olsson to realize the full benefits of the MetaField software platform. For quality control and for their project managers, MetaField’s centralized database allows for a more efficient workflow. It is much easier and faster to take data logged in the field by a technician all the way through to report distribution to the client.