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Palmerton Parrish
Case study

Services Offered

Geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, subsurface drilling, and geophysical and environmental services.

Springfield, MO

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Palmerton & Parrish was looking for a solution that would help them improve their efficiency from field data collection to sending reports to clients. They also wanted better oversight of their projects from start to finish and to provide that project information to all their necessary stakeholders.


Palmerton & Parrish came from a paper-based data collection system to MetaField. One of the reasons they chose MetaField is that it is a SaaS solution that they didn’t have to maintain themselves. They found the Scheduling module particularly useful because they can see the schedule across their four offices and determine the availability of their technicians.


Palmerton & Parrish’s move to MetaField has allowed them to see project schedules and where everyone is at in the process even across offices. Project managers also can access their reports without coming into the office. MetaField also has enabled them to track important performance metrics. For example, they can monitor the number and kind of tests they perform each week as well as track and measure when a report is turned in to the office to the date when it goes out the door to a client.