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Premier Geotech And Testing
Case Study

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Construction materials testing and geotechnical engineering for a variety of market sectors including commercial, industrial and private development.

Baton Rouge, LA

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Premier Geotech wanted to deliver results to their clients rapidly. And they wanted to be able to test and document their tests while they are on a client’s site. Premier Geotech feels that using a field data automation tool is the wave of the future. To have automation tools available and not use them is like working in the dark ages. They felt that committing resources to data entry all day was not a good use of resources.


Premier Geotech has had a bit of previous experience with field data automation so their learning curve wasn’t very high. They feel that when they use the system and click a button—it just works, it does what you ask it to do.


Previously, it would take 72 to 96 hours to deliver results to their clients. With MetaField, a project manager can review test data and send it to someone’s inbox pretty close to real time. Field data automation with MetaField is what Premier Geotech feels they need to be competitive, timely and relevant.