S&ME, Inc.

Headquarters: Raleigh, NC
Services: Geotechnical, civil, environmental, construction and planning services
Locations: 36 offices in 12 states

S&ME, Inc.

Business Issue / Challenge

S&ME, Inc. was looking for a field reporting software solution that would provide consistency across all of their locations and allow them to be more responsive to their clients. They also wanted a solution that would minimize or eliminate the need for paper documents. They were internally developing an application that attempted to meet those needs, but realized that if they were going to continue to evolve and grow they needed to look at another solution.


MetaField streamlines data collection and reporting processes whether in the field or in the office. MetaField’s mobile capabilities allow S&ME field techs to take drawings and specifications from a specific project and upload them into the project database. Dashboards walk users through the process of generating a report and shows project tasks that need to be completed, ensuring a consistent and accurate end product.


S&ME’s project team members have access to documents in real time versus bringing a set of plans or a binder of specifications to the work site, which addresses their desire to minimize paper. S&ME can be more responsive to their clients with the ability to create customizable forms in a clean format when it goes out in a report. They also can provide daily or weekly reports to meet their client needs. Overall MetaField has increased the quality that they provide for their clients.

Sme White


“There’s a lot of features that have made our lives easier—whether in the field or in the office. They are very important. Our firm appreciates them and I think our clients appreciate them as well because it streamlines a process.”
“We wanted consistency across our locations. We wanted a more paperless system or a completely paperless system. And we wanted to be more responsive to our clients. MetaField has allowed us to do all of those things.”

– Randy Martin, P.E., vice president & director of construction services